Institutional-quality investment services through our signature boutique, hands-on approach.

Commonwealth Commercial empowers our clients to make informed, intelligent, and timely financial decisions through a trusted partnership with our team of investment sales professionals, giving clients access to our experience and expertise, in-depth market knowledge, and long-standing strategic relationships. You will find institutional-quality investment services for both on-and off-market transactions consistent with your investment strategy. Our team consistently demonstrates deep knowledge of the factors that have a profound effect on future profitability, including:

  • Portfolio and property-level analysis
  • Capital market solutions
  • Acquisition sourcing

Our strengths lie in our ability to work with many services and service providers, including financial institutions, insurance companies, REITs, opportunity funds, pension funds and their advisors, as well as private investors.

In addition to accessing considerable expertise, in-depth market knowledge, and long-standing strategic relationships, you’ll have exclusive access to resources that bring knowledge and power to your investment goals.

Commonwealth Commercial will equip you with:

  • Our proprietary database of active buyers & sellers.
  • Our proprietary database of personally verified, active, qualified buyers, and both on- and off-market sellers, means you will only be presented with opportunities consistent with your investment strategy. Our extensive geographic reach means you will take advantage of competitively broad resources and market coverage. While the Southeast is our area of expertise, we assist both national and international investors.
  • Access to equity and off-market opportunities.
  • Our team has a demonstrated ability to raise capital from an extensive network of investors. This will allow you access to off-market transactions that would have otherwise been out of reach, adding significant scale to your real estate investments.
  • White glove service & long-term support.
  • You’ll enjoy the customized client services of a boutique brokerage firm, with professional platform management that allows you to benefit from highly systematized processes and well-coordinated, accountable professionals standing behind the promises we make. Our seamless transition assistance contributes to the performance of your investment long after closing.
  • Business-focused recommendations.
  • Your business plan, and our team’s commitment to understanding it intimately, drives the recommendations you receive.
  • Your investment objectives are at the core of every transaction. Our brokers deliver on their promises and are proactive, consistent and transparent in their communication.

Contact Us About Investment Sales

Contact Us About Investment Sales